Who are we?

Our mision


CEBASfruit® is a platform stabilized by the researchers of the Fruit Breeding Group of CEBAS-CSIC Research Center in Murcia (Spain). The objective of CEBASfruit® is to spread the new fruit cultivars obtained in the CEBAS-CSIC as well as the acquired scientific knowledge.
The Group of Fruit Breeding is one of the oldest research groups of CEBAS-CSIC, which was founded at beginning of 70s. Currently, with the incorporation of young researches, it is a leading group in fruit breeding at national and international level.

The main objective of our group is the development of new cultivars of apricot, almond and Japanese plum, by natural inter-varietal crosses.

Supporting the breeding programs, our group also performs an important research work in several related topics:

  • Reproductive biology.
  • Resistance to viruses.
  • Development of molecular markers.
  • Study of the winter dormancy.