Rojo Pasión


  • Vigour: Very high
  • Habit: Moderately spreading
  • Self-compatibility: Yes
  • Productivity: High
  • Level of thinning: High
  • Flowering date: ~ 4 March
  • Resistance to Sharka: Yes


  • Ripening date: ~ 23 May
  • Fruit weight: 75 g
  • Firmness: High
  • Skin colour: Light orange (red blush)
  • Flesh colour: Light orange
  • Sugar content: 11.5 ºBrix
  • Acidity: 1.4 g/100 ml


* Average values ​​obtained in our experimental farm. This information may vary depending on climatic conditions and orchard management.

* Evaluation of resistance to Sharka shows the results obtained to date on controlled greenhouse conditions and farm with the isolated RB-3.30 IVIA of the strain PPV-D.

*Cultivars  are  registered  and  only  can  be  distributed  by  licenced  nurseries  for  CSIC.